1. The Latest Analyst Ratings For Editas Medicine

    By Benzinga Insights Throughout the last three months, 4 analysts have evaluated Editas Medicine (NASDAQ: EDIT ), offering a diverse set of opinions from bullish to bearish. The following table encapsulates their recent ratings, offering a glimpse into the evolving sentiments over th
  2. Scientists use quantum biology, AI to sharpen genome editing tool

    By Stephanie Seay Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have used their expertise in quantum biology, artificial intelligence and bioengineering to improve how CRISPR Cas9 genome editing tools work on organisms like microbes that can be modified to produce renewable fuels an
  3. Find-and-replace genome editing with CRISPR: A promising therapeutic strategy

    By Science X staff Severe combined immunodeficiencies (SCIDs) are a group of debilitating primary immunodeficiency disorders, primarily caused by genetic mutations that disrupt T-cell development. SCID can also affect B-cell and natural killer cell function and counts. Left untrea