1. 'My dad started dating woman younger than me - so I played him at his own game'

    By Paige Freshwater A woman has slammed her 'gross' dad for dating a woman a year younger than herself - making her question how he views women. The 26-year-old explained how her parents divorced two years ago and since then, her dad, 57, has rejoined the dating scene. However much
  2. Ronnie O'Sullivan part of the growing problem at World Snooker Championships in worrying trend

    By Stuart Ballard The 2024 World Snooker Championships may only be in the second round, but Ronnie O'Sullivan already looks like the over-riding favourite to win a record eighth crown. In doing so, O'Sullivan would break the record he set two years ago to become the oldest world ch
  3. All my students are millennials and Gen Zs. They never heard of "2001: A Space Odyssey", the rock opera "Tommy", or Gloria Steinham. These don't seem like irrelevant things to me. Am I just too old to play anymore? 😬
  4. Watch Millennial Manager Try To Teach Gen Z How To Use an iPod

    By Alyce Collins Whether you were lucky enough to have one, or you longed for one whenever a friend showed off the latest song they downloaded off iTunes, the iPod was the pinnacle of new technology and personal entertainment for many millennials. These iconic MP3 players are a rar
  5. 'Don't be putting down my generation - us oldies are not lucky'

    By Paul Routledge Talkin’ ’bout my generation! They are, and I don’t like what they’re saying. Economics guru Paul Johnson CBE, highly paid head of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, says we oldies belong to “a lucky generation”. He says we’ve never had it so good because the so-cal
  6. Today an older male family friend lectured me to find a man soon and cautioned against high standards. Because women, and I quote, "can have anyone at 25. 25-30 needs to start lowering their standards. Above 30 has to lower them even more." Tap to see me going "Chil. Bless his hea