1. Dad wonders if he was wrong to agree to let son go to school in a dress, sparking debate

    By Vidhya M. Dad wonders if he was wrong to agree to let son go to school in a dress, sparking debate No matter how much the world has begun to embrace peculiarity, choosing an odd lifestyle can still get one in trouble. That is probably why most parents show tough love to kids whe
  2. Jared McCain shuts out critiques of nails and TikTok and delivers for Duke in March Madness

    While some might focus on his painted nails or TikToks, Jared McCain shuts out the critiques and is leading Duke on its March Madness run. By Dan Wolken, USA TODAY DALLAS — The first time Duke guard Jared McCain showed up at a basketball tournament with his fingernails painted — la
  3. It's the dumbest of NFL draft criticism. And it proves Caleb Williams' potential.

    How Caleb Williams responded to the social media conversation about his pink phone shows he has what it takes to be a face of a franchise. By Mike Freeman, USA TODAY You may have missed the dumbest story of all time. It was about USC quarterback and likely first overall NFL draft p
  4. Video: Reactions as Group of Middle-Aged Men Wear Dresses

    By William Osoro A video posted on social media depicted a group of men wearing dresses at an unspecified function The group seemingly made fun of each other, with many TikTok users finding the clip funny A similar happening was witnessed in South Africa where hordes of men wore dre
  5. Controversy Erupts as Villagers React to LGBTQ+ Individuals' Attire at Brian Chira's Burial

    By Linda Shiundu A video captured the reaction of villagers in Geita village, Kiambu county, to the presence of LGBTQ+ individuals attending the burial of Brian Chira The footage shows two men, one identified as Koin Kores, dressed in unconventional attire, including crop tops, ami
  6. How you self-identify is your business. Nobody has the right to tell you otherwise or discriminate against you. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #Pride #PrideMonth #GenderExpression #TransgenderRights
  7. A few thoughts on Gender Expression

    Some thoughts on gender Expression. As a girl who to this day rarely wears a dress or make up, or rarely falls within what is considered “feminine” I know the answer to this is yes, because while I’ve always distanced myself from “feminine” things, I have never felt that I was a