1. Google Search Is Growing Up

    This week, we unpack all the news from Google I/O, where we got a glimpse of how the world’s dominant search engine will evolve in the AI era. By Michael Calore, Lauren Goode Google held its annual I/O developer event this week. The company gathered software developers, business pa
  2. A Peek Inside Hulu’s New Black Twitter Docuseries

    This week, the writer, director, and executive producers of the new documentary series Black Twitter: A People’s History tell us how they brought the community’s vibrancy to the small screen. By Michael Calore, Lauren Goode For all the influence Twitter has had on our culture, no c
  3. Thinking About Buying a Hybrid Car? Listen Up

    This week, we talk through everything there is to know about hybrids: how the different technologies work, how to keep one charged, and which cars best fit different lifestyles. By Lauren Goode, Michael Calore Back in March, the US Environmental Protection Agency finalized a long i
  4. Test Your Knowledge of Internet Acronyms

    This week, we probe each other’s knowledge of common acronyms from the early internet, the mobile era, and the AI boom. So fire up your LLM, send an RCS, and tell your BBS pals the game is afoot. By Lauren Goode, Michael Calore Do you know what TCP/IP means? (Hint: you’re using it
  5. What It Will Take for Airchat to Take Flight

    This week, we talk about the buzzy new social media app where there’s no typing allowed. By Michael Calore, Lauren Goode Silicon Valley tech types love their edgy new social media startups. The latest is Airchat, an audio-first social app that lets its users express their every tho
  6. Green Chat Bubbles Aren’t the Problem—Texting Is

    This week, we talk about the quest to make texting between mobile platforms more seamless. Will it make things better, or will it further erode our humanity? By Michael Calore, Lauren Goode When an Android user sends a text message to an iPhone user, their chat bubble shows up in i
  7. Coffee Lovers, It’s Time to Stop Using K-Cups

    This week, we talk with our resident kitchen expert about coffee: The best ways to make it, what gear to buy, and what to avoid. By Michael Calore, Lauren Goode Coffee keeps the world turning. Or, at least, it makes it easier to pry your eyelids open and maintain some semblance of