1. 'It's not GB News that should be in the dock - it's Ofcom' - Sir Gerald Howarth

    By Sir Gerald Howarth Ever since it launched, GB News has been the persistent target of attacks by other broadcasters determined to rub out a genuinely novel, engaging and forthright channel. Today’s news that Ofcom has sonorously determined that GB News broke its ‘broadcasting due
  2. A Colombian Pop Song, García Márquez Idolatry And The Sins Of Censorship

    By Sergio Ocampo Madrid & EL ESPECTADOR -Essay- BOGOTÁ — In a country at war with itself, where the government uses hate speech and sows division , one can take some small solace in a raucous debate emerging over a simple song. For the latest news & views from every corner of the wor
  3. Hong Kong arrests six under Beijing-inspired national security law

    By Diego Mendoza Insights from the Financial Times, Hong Kong Watch, and The Diplomat The News Hong Kong police on Tuesday arrested six people accused of violating a new national security law, marking the first time the government has used the legislation to crack down on freedom of
  4. GB News launches legal action against Ofcom days after stinging attack on regulator

    By Sam Elliott-Gibbs GB News has launched legal proceedings against Ofcom days after it was ruled the channel had breached broadcasting controls. The media regulator says it is starting the process for consideration of a statutory sanction against the station after finding that a P
  5. Zambia: Opposition Figure Sentenced for 'Defaming President'

    By HRW [HRW]Johannesburg -- The conviction and sentencing of a leading opposition member to 18 months in prison with hard labor will have a broad chilling effect on the right to freedom of expression in Zambia , Human Rights Watch said today. Raphael Nakacinda, secretary general of
  6. Who we are. #democracy #media #HumanRights #PressFreedom #JournalistsSafety #FreedomOfExpression #RightOfAsylum #democracyInAl #Solidarity
  7. Support Artists, Reject Censorship

    "Censoring artists because their work doesn't fit your narrow worldview is not only hypocritical, it's stifling creativity. Let artists express themselves freely, even if it challenges your sensibilities. Stop projecting your personal beliefs." #StopCensorship #SupportArtists #Fre
  8. Kind of fun to watch conservatives eat their own tail… They pushed for corporations to be considered “people” to be able to donate political campaigns, but now when it comes to companies having the right to limit Nazis and hate speech on their own platforms, they don’t think it’s
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  10. In #Russia freedom of expression is in danger of disappearing if we don't keep talking about it #FreedomOfExpression @amnesty