1. One of the world’s leading experts on misinformation says she was fired by Harvard University for criticising Meta at a time that the school was being pledged $500m from Mark Zuckerberg’s charity. Joan Donovan says her funding was cut off, she could not hire assistants and she was
  2. Q&A: Social media is a lot like junk food. Here's how to make healthy choices

    By Nicholas Goda, Daniel Strain Last week, Colorado joined more than 30 other states in a landmark lawsuit against Meta , the parent company behind Facebook and Instagram. The states alleged, in part, that the social media juggernaut "ignored the sweeping damage these platforms hav
  3. It Will Take More Than Robots to Manage the Robots

    By Nancy Gibbs By now the sophistication of false information about Israel and Hamas is clear to anyone who opened their phone this week. As tech platforms rely ever more on artificial intelligence in their battle against disinformation, the havoc in the Middle East exposes the li
  4. Linda Yaccarino: X working “around the clock” to tackle disinformation on Hamas attacks

    By Christiaan Hetzner Elon Musk likely set the bar impossibly high when the entrepreneur professed he would transform Twitter into the “most reliable source of truth” on the internet. Almost a full year into his ownership of what he now calls X, Musk faces the first major test of