1. Royal Family is 'fragile': Warning issued on 'slimmed down monarchy'

    By Gabrielle Wilde GB News Royal correspondent Cameron Walker warned that the Royal Family is "fragile" as he warned King Charles about his "slimmed down monarchy." It comes as Prince William cancelled his attendance at a memorial service for the late King Constantine of Greece, ci
  2. Yeah, even if we don’t want to admit it medically they are considered the old old. I always thought of them as walking on a tightrope. They are very robust as long as they don’t fall off but if they get a tiny push to the left or right and loose that balance it can be catastroph
  3. The Piercing Impact: Bullet Symbolism in Art

    In the vast landscape of artistic expression, the bullet has emerged as a potent symbol, carrying a multitude of meanings and connotations. Bullet symbolism in art stretches across various mediums and styles, embodying themes of violence, power, fragility, and resistance. This ar
  4. People are fragile. They are going through processes that demand a lot from them. So, speak gently, be kind, help if you can. One act of compassionate caring, can change the focus of some. Hence the frequency also shifts to an elevated plane. So, if today, you can do something go
  5. 'We have a year to sort this out'

    This moment feels especially fragile, the fabric of society taut, fraying, at risk of ripping beyond repair. In such a moment, those of good will are required to seek out decent leaders to advocate for calm and the openness of heart that can quiet the storm. -- @stevenbeschloss