1. I’ve been eating soups and stews out of the freezer, and a lot of sandwiches. It’s hard to think about cooking, or have the energy for it, when you’ve got a big project. The pizza was easy and took no thinking. I like knowing you use the same crust with the same hack! And isn’t i
  2. “1 cup of butter milk (if you don't have any add a dollop of sour cream to half and half. I've found this works just fine.)” Hey, what do you know?! I’ve been doing this for pancakes and waffles when I don’t have buttermilk. I didn’t know it was a hack.
  3. Mum cooks her salmon dinner in the dishwasher and results are horrifying

    By Amy Reast & Zahna Eklund There are countless crazy cooking hacks out there, but this one might be the weirdest. We've all seen the wave of people ditching ovens for air fryers , but have you ever thought about using your dishwasher to cook food ? It's not something that would cros
  4. Chicken Shake & Bake 2 Tbs Parsley Flakes 1 Tbs Ground Marjoram 2 tsp Ground Rosemary 1 tsp Onion Salt 1 Tbs Ground Ginger 1 tsp Ground Sage 1 Tbs Ground Oregano 1 Tbs Ground Thyme 1 tsp Garlic Salt 1 Tbs Celery Salt 1 tsp Pepper 1 Tbs Paprika 1. Measure all into a ziploc bag, vacuum seal bag
  5. Simple butter life hack could save you money and improve your health

    By Rudi Kinsella Everybody knows that a bit of butter on a slice of toast can be one of life's simplest pleasures. But this life hack can make things even simpler for you. In cold weather , it can be a real pain to spread butter on toast or on bread, and it can even make a mess of t
  6. How To Store Your Holiday Cookies So They Last

    By Heather MacMullin Time spent in the kitchen should yield cookies (whether they’re fancy showstoppers , or easy basics ) that stay delicious until the very last one is eaten. And storing cookies properly will ensure your hard work is also properly preserved. Whether you’ve sweated