1. California Native Plants, bulbs and corms

    The California native plants that I forget about much of the year are the bulb plants. They bloom and then disappear. But when they bloom they are some of the loveliest in the garden. Lilies, Fritillaries, Calochortus, Trilliums, Alliums, Brodiaeas, Dichelostmmas and Irises are j
  2. After the post you did about your garden, I don’t know if you need anything else! I’m still in awe. I saw a pineapple sage a few years ago, but they are hard to find. And the flowering currant — is that ornamental, or will it bear fruit?
  3. Cameo Flowering Quince

    Cameo Quince puts on a spectacular mid-spring display of abundant and beautiful 2” double blossoms with soft peachy orange-pink petals. Glossy dark green foliage in the summer is a plus. Our Cameo in the backyard is just starting to bloom with more leaves than blossoms thanks to S
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Indoor Flowering Plants

    Flowering Plants are a great way to add a touch of natural beauty to your indoor areas. Anthurium and Peace Lily are two popular examples that can liven up any room with their beautiful colors and are pretty easy to take care of. If you are looking for ways in which you can take