1. Comment: cramped family flats in London? Well, it beats the suburbs

    By Martin Robinson My young family is not so young any more — unexpectedly, and despite a rigorous vitamin and protein-free diet, our children appear to be growing with every passing year, which is making our flat suddenly seem quite cramped. Much of our family chat now revolves ar
  2. DEAR DEIDRE Split with cheating ex led me to drink and drugs – now she’s got me back in her bed

    DEAR DEIDRE: EVERY time I think I’m starting to get over my cheating ex, she draws me back in. The pain of learning she’d been having sex with my boss, someone I previously respected, has driven me to drink and drugs and I know I can’t live without her. I’m 30 and she’s 28. We were
  3. BBC EastEnders character suffers heart attack in shocking scenes with life hanging in the balance

    By Jasmine Allday EastEnders will air some huge scenes next week - as one character suffers a heart attack. Next week, both Eddie and Gloria Knight will return to our screens when George is asked to testify in court. George is shocked next week when he receives a call from the CPS
  4. #StreetArt #MuralArt #Art #Papakura by Charles and Janine Williams #Tuaranga #StreetFestival The #Maori word papakura is commonly translated as "Red Earth" or "Red Flats" . The word is believed to have originated from #papa , meaning #earth or #flat , and #kura , meaning red, reflec
  5. 'I slept with a much younger colleague - my boring husband just can't compete'

    By Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz Cheating in a relationship is usually a sign of a much bigger issue, and one woman has really started questioning her marriage after having a one-night stand with a much younger colleague. Despite it being a one-night thing, the woman has been left heartbro
  6. Coronation Street star publicly apologises to co-star after heartbreaking scenes

    By Zara Woodcock Coronation Street viewers witnessed heartbreaking scenes in recent episodes as Mason Radcliffe led a bullying campaign against Liam Connor. Liam has been relentlessly tormented by Mason and his friends for months. He's been subjected to abuse both online and in per
  7. From another social network

    Our first flat in Melbourne, 81 Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra, Victoria, Australia August 1974. On the banks of the Yarra River. Interesting place to say the least. #Australia #Melbourne #SouthYarra #YarraRiver #Home #Flat #GoogleEarth