1. A lifelong battle just to know what's real

    How can we live in an online world AND be skillful about discerning between real and fake information? Read more on substack - #strong99 #longevity #substack #essay #thrivinginlife #healthyaging #resilience #growthmindset #relationships #purposeandmeaning #strong99 #thrivinglonger
  2. [New essay] Advice to myself on taking advice

    In some way all experiences from the past are being repeated now and will be repeated in perpetuity. A younger person certainly experiences things in a different context but good advice isn’t tied to the age of the speaker nor the date it was written. Read the whole piece and gre
  3. The problem of older generations taking up space

    What's our plan to make enough room for the youth to thrive? Longevity - longer lifespan and healthspan - and its concomitant disruptions are already here and growing. But we do have a voice in how deeply those disruptions will impact the next generation. We can choose the easy,