1. UK Fire Risk Assessment Comprehensive fire risk assessment services in the UK to protect your property and ensure safety compliance. Book for fire risk assessment london here:
  2. Research Opportunity - Advancing The Operational Capacity Of Postfire Debris-Flow Hazard Assessments Through Better Understanding Of Debris-Flow Processes – A Mendenhall Research Fellowship Program Opportunity, Golden CO

    I still vividly remember coming across multiple debris flows riding in the Poudre Canyon, CO after intense rain, post High Park Fire in 2013; as an engineering geologist, seeing these fluvial processes in action was both amazing and frankly daunting! “New opportunity to study post
  3. AirNow Fire And Smoke Map [North America]

    “The AirNow Fire and Smoke Map provides information that you can use to help protect your health from wildfire smoke. Use this map to see: Current particle pollution air quality information for your location; Fire locations and smoke plumes; Smoke Forecast Outlooks, where available;
  4. Alberta Wildfires - Satellite Captures Footage Of Fires Ravaging The Province

    “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellites captured footage of the wildfires that have burned around 1 million acres of land in Alberta since early May, following a wave of unusually hot and dry weather conditions. Data collected by the satellites helps re