1. IWC’s Portugieser Eternal Calendar Promises 45 Million Years of Accuracy

    By Rob Edwards What’s the return policy likely to be on a watch after 45 million years? I only ask because that’s how long IWC Schaffhausen promises its new Portugieser Eternal Calendar’s moon phase will remain accurate. And in the off chance that turns out not to be the case, wel
  2. How To Buy Rough Diamonds In Africa

    How To Buy Rough Diamonds In Africa , We specialize in Rough and Polished Diamonds. We offer a bespoke, consistent supply of Kimberly-processed stones that are GIA-certified and graded. Only GIA Certified diamonds are offered for sale by Bonas Gold. At direct wholesale prices. All
  3. Radiant Elegance: The Timeless Allure of Gold Diamond Rings In the realm of fine jewelry, few pieces possess the captivating allure and enduring beauty of gold diamond rings. At Treasured & Co., a sanctuary for those who appreciate exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled elegance
  4. Shine bright this Mother's day with vibrant gemstone jewelry deals

    By Kasey Caminiti Whether you’re looking for a stunning engagement ring , a unique piece of jewelry for Mother's Day, or pretty gemstones to create your own masterpiece, GemsNY is a trusted destination for the most discerning customers. At GemsNY , you can shop beautiful untreated g