1. Happy 42nd Birthday Nellie McKay! 🎁 🎂 US-UK singer-songwriter, she made waves in the East Village anti-folk scene in ‘03 & got critical attention from NY press which led to gigs at Sidewalk Cafe & Joe’s Pub & then being signed to Columbia Records for 1 well-received debut LP, Get Aw
  2. NEW MUSIC ON THE BLOG: Max Richter - Don't Go Away (feat. Sparks) #indie #alternative #indiereview #music I didn't have Max Richter working with Sparks on my 2024 bingo card, but this 7-minutes long track is AWESOME. I hope it means the upcoming Spaceman film is... even a little b
  3. Name That Film Soundtrack Tune! (Feb. 7, 2024)

    So, I don’t think I have posted this piano cover as of yet! Who recognizes this film soundtrack song? I’ll give you a hint: it was sung by a certain feline character who has orange fur with black stripes, and this character loves to bounce and jump around! 🎹🎶🧡 #FilmSoundtrack
  4. 30 Day Song Challenge Day 26 - A Song From a Film Soundtrack (1970s Version)

    We've already had a bunch of songs from a film soundtrack during this challenge, including yesterday's entry, our John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Day 25 duet from "Grease." And if you want to go back to New York City from March, I selected the John Williams composition "The
  5. 30 Day Song Challenge Day 26 - A Song From a Film Soundtrack (Burt Bacharach Version)

    Of the 25 days in this Bacharach Challenge so far, nine of the songs selected were written for a Film Soundtrack. And there are plenty more; so many more great songs from some not so great movies, it's difficult to decide! As I previously stated, Burt's track record with films was