1. The Last Outlaw (1993)

    A Western that was made for TV featuring some very familiar faces in the early part of their careers. Actors like Steve Buscemi and Keith David try their hardest but the plot gets more nonsensical as it carries on and some of the dialogue is clunky and poor. Lots of slow-motion s
  2. Winter Kills (1979)

    William Richert's paranoid conspiracy thriller is a film where everyone is a version of someone involved in the JFK assassination but having said this it is a film that knows what it is, silly and preposterous (many, many people would sadly believe this fiction as fact nowadays)
  3. The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)

    An odd Western from John Huston, seemingly more about how they wanted Judge Roy Bean’s life to be than what it was. We start with a dark murderous comedy western that transforms into some maudlin, sorrowful loss and then turns into a weird rip-roaring all-out violent and vengeful
  4. Werewolf Santa (2023)

    Werewolf Santa is clearly made with no budget, and so you can let the makers off slightly but not much off. I can verify I have seen more than a few no-budget films and often his drives the makers to innovation and some fine filmmaking, or at least making within their limitations
  5. Monster Armageddon (2022)

    Monster Armageddon now called 2025 Armageddon. What you get here is typical Asylum fare, but what they have done is throw every silly monster they have ever created into a story and have the whole reason they are attacking Earth being the films of Asylum. Great stuff. Make no mis
  6. Meg 2: The Trench (2023)

    Leave your brain at the door, it's just entertainment. Great. Does that mean leaving your brain at the door when you walk into the script writing room? This film is insulting to anyone who can think. The Meg was poor, this is worse. Still the bank balances of those involved proba
  7. Cutter's Way (2018)

    Cutter's Way is Ivan Passer's take on the neo-noir with two strange drifters, one an aimless lothario, and the other a broken and addicted Vietnam war veteran, at first clashing on the means to bring a wealthy and seemingly protected and wealthy oil man to justice for a murder he
  8. The Priest's Children

    Is this a polemic on the Catholic Church and organised religion? Well it could be but in big broad strokes that says 'farce' for most of the run time. Not being Croatian or religious some targets are unknown to me and could not say in all honesty if they were hit, but when they d