1. Watch moment US launch missile strikes towards Houthi targets from military warship

    By Lucy Leeson This footage shows the moment US warships launch missile strikes on Iranian-backed Houthi targets in the Red Sea . The video, shared by the US Central Command on Sunday (4 February), shows missiles being launched from USS Gravely and USS Carney hitting targets that po
  2. Moment Chinese fighter jet flies within 10 feet of American B-52 bomber

    By Lucy Leeson A Chinese fighter jet came within 10 feet (three metres) of an American B-52 bomber flying over the South China Sea, nearly causing an accident, the US military has said. In the night intercept, the Shenyang J-11 twin-engine fighter closed on the U.S. Air Force plane
  3. US says Chinese fighter jet risked major accident by flying 10ft from B-52 bomber in South China Sea

    By Alisha Rahaman Sarkar A Chinese fighter jet came dangerously close to a US bomber over the South China Sea , the US military has said, amid concerns over Beijing's growing aggression around the disputed waters . A Chinese J-11 twin-engine fighter jet came within 10 feet of the Ame
  4. The fighter jet's main advantage, according to its manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, are that it is nearly impossible to track with radar I’d say so! #f35b #fighterjet #LockheedMartin #Missing #USmilitary
  5. US finds debris from fighter jet one day after crash

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The U.S. military said it finally found debris from a crashed F-35 fighter jet in South Carolina on Monday, a day after asking for the public's help in locating the elusive wreckage. The pilot of the F-35B Lightning II jet had safely ejected from the aircraft