1. This Is The Place 👋

    I’m going to keep posting here until the lights go out. I’m on Bluesky but it’s no Post News. TNR cat Barclay stopped by the #NoCatHungry 24 hour outdoor buffet today. She’s a pate girl so she dined on 9 Lives Super Supper with Friskies dry cat food. It got up to 90 degrees here
  2. Tiger Tiger

    Thank you so much for the #TipJoy friends. It’s all for the community cats I currently feed and for the ferals that will surely come my way. The cat distribution system has me on speed dial. 😽 🤷‍♀️ 🙃 Here’s a couple photos of #communitycat Tiger Cat. His owners moved and left him behin
  3. Skippy got a fat belly, today

    Skippy stopped by the #NoCatHungry 24 hr outdoor buffet and I was able to zoom in enough to see that he’s ear tipped. 🙌 This means someone got him fixed through a TNR PROGRAM (trap neuter release). While Skippy’s been around awhile (6 months to a year?), I was never able to confi
  4. #hungry #children #feedthehungry #Iowa WILL NOT participate this summer in a federal program that gives $40 per month to each child in a low-income family to help with food costs while school is out, state officials have announced.
  5. Have you seen how pretty the purple is??? Order by December 4th to guarantee delivery by Christmas. If you like your shirts loose, I recommend ordering a size up. This is our fundraiser to get our #NoCatHungry nonprofit started. >>> Order here <<< If you just want to donate, our Venm
  6. I'm so thankful for this group. 💕🙏 #humanitarianaid #feedthehungry #kindness #compassion #Community
  7. Hey, Posties, It looks like I’m on my last week of fostering baby Kenna. She has a vet recheck next Tuesday and if the vet says she’s healed enough to be placed for adoption, off she goes THAT SAME DAY. It’s always crappy to say goodbye and it’s one of the reasons I reduced my fos
  8. I’m watching the grandkid and my daughter’s bday is this week but…

    The most bonded pair of community cats I’ve ever seen: Little Black Kitty and Frick. ***click to see video. 🙏 If you’re able, we’re in desperate need of canned food and blankets. Ghostie’s sensitive tummy food has depleted my budget (no complaints, just facts 🤷‍♀️). Taken at n