1. Lake Wānaka Mapped In Exquisite Detail [topobathy, New Zealand]

    “NIWA [National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research] scientists have mapped the whole of Lake Wānaka in incredible detail. They have done the work to better understand its underwater structure and potential for earthquakes and tsunamis, after an active fault was discovered
  2. Increasing Fault Slip Rates Within The Corinth Rift, Greece - A Rapidly Localising Active Rift Fault Network

    shared paper “HIGHLIGHTS First absolute age constraints for seismic stratigraphy from IODP Expedition 381. Rapid spatiotemporal variations in fault network activity in the Corinth Rift. Acceleration of fault slip rates when rift border fault system links. Border fault system is ki
  3. The 60th Anniversary Of The M9.2 Alaska Earthquake And Tsunami Of March 27, 1964

    “On March 27, 1964 at 5:36pm local time (March 28 at 3:36 UTC) an earthquake of magnitude 9.2 occurred in the Prince William Sound region of Alaska. The earthquake rupture started approximately 25 km beneath the surface, with its epicenter about 6 miles (10 km) east of the mouth
  4. Revealing The Secrets Of The Western Mediterranean - A Deep Earthquake And The Overturned Slab

    “The Rif–Betics–Alboran region has been vital in the tectonic evolution of the western Mediterranean. Seismic images support the idea of continuous slab rollback being a prominent force in this region. However, the detailed slab structure and the physical mechanisms generating lo
  5. Deep Structure of Siletzia in the Puget Lowland - Imaging an Obducted Plateau and Accretionary Thrust Belt With Potential Fields

    shared paper -- [I used to live, work as an engineering geologist and scuba dive in Puget Sound & beyond – including on the expressions of the Seattle Fault…] “ABSTRACT: Detailed understanding of crustal components and tectonic history of forearcs is important due to their geologica
  6. Shallow Slow Slip Events Identified Offshore The Osa Peninsula In Southern Costa Rica From GNSS Time Series [geologic faults / tectonics]

    shared paper ‘ABSTRACT: Using new continuous geodetic time series, we identify five shallow slow slip events (SSEs) offshore and beneath the Osa peninsula in southern Costa Rica. An early event was detected by one station in 2013, and two events occurring in close succession in bo
  7. Oooooh,,, It’s all NATO’s fault?…
  8. Let all proceed thoughtfully concerning the Gaza human and inhumanity catastrophe

    Let all proceed thoughtfully concerning the Gaza human and inhumanity catastrophe. Iran is a theocracy ruled at the top by clergy whose Draconian puritanical social and disciplinary policies and practices may be objectionable and revolting to Western, Christian and secularist nat
  9. Asda shares an urgent product recall as home item could catch on fire

    By Sarra Gray Asda has shared a warning for anyone who bought a candleholder. The item was found to have a fault that could make it dangerous. The wooden candleholders were recalled as a precaution as they could catch fire. Anyone who had bought the products could return it for a ful
  10. Tree Rings Reveal A New Kind Of Earthquake Threat To The Pacific Northwest

    shared paper [as someone who has dove many, many times in the PNW, I am not sure I want that collection task ~wink~ ] “In February, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook the Turkey-Syria border, followed by one nearly as large nine hours later. Shallow faults less than 18 miles beneat