1. What’s coming to Disney+ in April? The new shows and films to watch from Vanderpump Villa to The Greatest Hits

    By Elizabeth Gregory Disney certainly knows how to deliver quality content – it’s been doing it for 100 years. This April there’s a whole range of new shows and films coming onto Disney + for people to enjoy. From a new reality TV show to a wildlife docuseries, take a look below to
  2. Unrecognisable Man Utd icon scoffed at season prediction with ruthless reality check

    By Jacob Leeks Manchester United icon Brian McClair scoffed at suggestions that his former club could finish in the top four this season. McClair spent 11 years at Old Trafford as a player after arriving from Celtic in 1987, winning four Premier League titles, two FA Cups and the L
  3. Woman helps at mum's school for Christmas, TikTok video shows her dancing for children while dressed like this

    By Rianette Cluley A video of a Nigerian lady acting as a Father Christmas at her mother's school has gone viral on social media According to the lady, she took up the role at the instance of her mother and entertained the students Many people commented on her dance moves, just as o
  4. Is Santa Claus a myth? Santa is indeed a myth. But only in the original and not the corrupted, modern sense of the word. To those of us who know better, myth ≠ untrue. Myth is the truest, most important thing in the world. Myth describes events that never happened, and yet are hap
  5. My Encounter with Father Christmas or "Noaidi," the Sami Shaman Who Embodied the Wisdom of The Land and its Creatures. - When Santa Was Born from Sami, Pagan Rituals in The Norwegian Lapland!

    Winter in The Norwegian Lapland by E. van de Craats. #MadeonPost Oh, how marvelous it is to delve into the enchanting legends of Norway! Indeed, Father Christmas seems to come alive in that magical realm, intertwined with the ancient traditions of the Sami people and the rich tape
  6. Who was St Nicholas? Inside intriguing story of Christmas’ patron saint

    By Susie Beever Be it Father Christmas , Santa Claus or Saint Nick, he's man of many names and many faces - depending on where in the world you grew up. But like so many yuletide stories, the portly red-suited and black-booted figure from many Western childhood Christmases has its o
  7. Mystery as inflatable Santa gunned downed in suspected drive-by shooting

    By Amelia Neath A Kentucky resident is furious after his inflatable Santa decoration was downed in an apparent drive-by shooting . Donald Nelson had just finished putting up Christmas decorations outside his family home in Lexington days earlier –including a brand new $200 giant infl