1. Here's Why Steven Madden Marches Ahead of Its Industry

    By Zacks Steven Madden, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SHOO ) has strategically positioned itself for sustained success in the competitive landscape through a multi-faceted approach encompassing international expansion, digital innovation and strategic acquisitions. By remaining agile, customer-cen
  2. Fast fashion brand sparks backlash for charging customers to return items

    By Becca Monaghan Customers of a fast fashion brand have expressed their dismay towards a policy that charges a person for returning their items. Oh Polly is an international online retailer specialising in women's fashion . They have offices across Liverpool to Los Angeles, with ov
  3. Ukrainian Fashion Week comes back to Kyiv

    More than two years after the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian Fashion Week will once again take place in Kyiv, organizing committee of Ukrainian Fashion Week announced on June 10. After four International Seasons, which took place on the catwalks of UFW
  4. OPINION - This is what should be in the Labour and Conservative party manifestos

    By Victoria Moss Predictably, the general election seems to have got stuck in men-shouting-at-each-other mode, rather than any concrete ideas on policy. The poor old fashion industry , so often overlooked in spite of its not insubstantial contributions — ie, the £28.9 billion it ad
  5. Katie Holmes reveals entirely new career away from acting in major life update

    By Aisha Nozari Katie Holmes is planning a new career away from screens. The 45-year-old actress - who shot to fame on teen show Dawson's Creek in the 1990s - has branched out into writing and directing movies in recent years but she is now hoping to put pen to paper to work on fic
  6. Bethann Hardison Was Destined to Win

    “Oftentimes I just think I was that person who was supposed to do what I’ve done,” Hardison, the subject of the new documentary Invisible Beauty, tells Vanity Fair. By Kayla Holliday For Bethann Hardison, the stakes have always been high. “In the end, the idea of winning is importa