1. Founded Upon Fanaticism.

    By Frank Schaeffer I think a lot of Americans -young or old- don't have a sense of our own history. The one thing that is true of every age of American history is fanaticism. “We cannot just immigrate to these shores and try to farm. We are the chosen people, a city set on a hill, a
  2. Mike Sonko's Offers 'Goodies' to Woman Who Tattooed His Face on Her Thigh

    By Kai Eli Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko finally met with a Murang'a woman who had proved her fanaticism of him by drawing his face on her thigh. Mary Njoki caused a frenzy in August last year after inscribing Sonko's face on her right thigh, catching the politician's attentio
  3. Vote Blue To Save Our Democracy

    This extreme religious rhetoric from the likes of a simple man who suddenly got thrust into power is NOT surprising at all. Fanatics like Mike Johnson have NO place in our government. VOTE BLUE TO SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY
  4. Support Israel but remember Hamas is the enemy, not Palestinians

    Israel and Palestine have been on most of our minds this week. Here a voice of reason. Our minds are already mourning other losses, worried about other battles and bottlenecks. Daily death tolls from Ukraine. Daily US mass shootings. Belligerent and extreme politicians echoing s
  5. It makes sense for MSNBC to use the neutral "people" in its secondary headline. The one word they should never use for these people is "American." Try: " Poll shows an alarming increase in the number of people -- MAGA thugs, terrorists, fascists, Nazis, right-wing nut-jobs, deranged
  6. 'Barbie Virgin Mary' and 'Jesus Ken' dolls spark anger with death threats issued

    By Lee Bullen & Bradley Jolly Two artists have sparked outrage after creating two dolls dubbed " Barbie Virgin Mary" and "Jesus Ken" dolls. The controversial figurines appeared in a toy shop in Luján, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina , with images later shared on social media, leavin
  7. MAGA pastor: Christians need people who are ‘willing to strap bombs to their chest’

    An Islamophobic lunatic wants his flock to kill. I hope the @FBI is watching this nut. And that most Christians are as disgusted by this as I am. Born In Blood: MAGA Pastor Kent Christmas Delivers a Shocking Sermon #Muslims #religion #fanaticism #extremism #violence #RightWingTerro