1. The recipe behind Ukraine’s beloved food chain Puzata Khata

    By Mia Billetdeaux If there is one institution in Ukraine impervious to the sweeping decommunization efforts of the last decade, it’s the Soviet-era canteen, or stolovaya as it’s usually referred to in Russian. An invention of the Soviet Union’s founding father Vladimir L
  2. Who were the Ukrainian Cossacks?

    By Alexandra Keeler The word Cossack comes from the Turkic word meaning “free man” or “outlaw.” True to this moniker, Ukraine’s Cossacks — a semi-nomadic militaristic group originating somewhere in the 15th century — are renowned as sovereign warriors and pioneers of inde
  3. 10 years of war: A timeline of Russia's decade-long aggression against Ukraine

    By Kateryna Denisova Almost immediately following the end of the EuroMaidan Revolution in Ukraine in February 2014, Russia swiftly moved to annex and occupy the Crimean Peninsula. Within a couple of months, unrest erupted in eastern Ukraine followed by Russian-backed mil
  4. Celebrating the Ukrainian way: The 12 dishes of Christmas

    By Mia Billetdeaux The Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine has impacted every aspect of life for Ukrainians, even the date they celebrate Christmas . What hasn’t changed is the tradition of serving 12 dishes on Christmas Eve, known as Svyata Vecherya or the Holy Supper.
  5. Kyiv Cake: The legendary sweet of Ukraine's capital

    By Mia Billetdeaux There’s nothing sweeter than home, unless you’re a Kyivan — because then you have Kyiv Cake. While many foreigners associate the city with the butter-filled chicken cutlet known as Chicken Kyiv, which is likely of French origin, the layers of nutty meri