1. ECB President Lagarde Defies Powell's Dovish Stance: 'We Should Absolutely Not Lower Our Guard'

    By Piero Cingari Investors hoping for European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde to signal a path towards interest rate cuts in 2024, in line with Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell ‘s previous day remarks, found themselves recalibrating these expectations following h
  2. European Stocks Rally As ECB Throws In Towel On Rate Hikes

    By Piero Cingari European stocks embarked on a vigorous rally following the European Central Bank’s (ECB) latest interest-rate announcement on Thursday. The ECB took a significant step by raising interest rates for the tenth consecutive time, pushing the main refinancing operation
  3. Right-Wing Italian Government Announces Soviet-Style 40% Windfall Tax On Bank Profits, Sparks Market Chaos

    By Piero Cingari Italy’s right-wing government made an unprecedented decision by applying a windfall tax charging a 40% withdrawal from banks' profits. The tax, which strategically targets the net interest margin, disrupted the financial landscape Tuesday despite its aim to inject
  4. These 3 Debt-Burdened Nations Lead 2023's Best Country ETFs, Surpassing Nasdaq 100

    By Piero Cingari The U.S. stock market wasn’t the only one to rally in 2023, and many U.S.-based investors would have found it beneficial to diversify their portfolios with global stocks and ETFs from roaring emerging market economies. Venturing thousands of miles south of the Amer