1. Ecosystem shift

    Amazing nature. #Plants . "They are #evolving towards self-pollination, where each plant reproduces with itself, which works in the short term but may well limit their capacity to adapt to future environmental changes.”
  2. Unveiling the Brilliance: Lab Diamonds HPHT - A Closer Look at the Future of Sparkle

    In the world of diamonds, a revolutionary process has emerged, reshaping the traditional landscape of the diamond industry. Lab diamonds HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) have taken center stage, captivating the market with their ethical, sustainable, and dazzling allure. As
  3. #Humor #Covid is #evolving and we are not doing enough to evolve with it. #GetVaccinated #MasksUP #RespectPreventiveMeasures #ProtectVulnerable
  4. One year ago today, I created Noon at the Park on Substack. Since then–thanks to the mystical match-making power of the Internet–my posts have somehow managed to attract 👀. So I have an announcement: #Substack #OneYear #Recap #NoPigeonhole #Evolving @substackinc