1. Terrifying global conflicts to get worse in 2024 - what you need to know

    By Chris Hughes As wars rage across the Middle East and Ukraine , the prospect for a more peaceful year in 2024 remains bleak. Global rivals have taken sides, linking up the two main conflicts and furthering the risk of wider violence. The Israel - Hamas struggle is backed by the US -l
  2. Venezuelan president signs annexation decrees for Guyana's Essequibo region

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has signed six decrees on the annexation of a portion of neighboring Guyana, the Essequibo region, Venezuelan newspaper Ultimas Noticias reported on Dec. 8. Maduro has further directed the establishment of units from the state oil and gas compan
  3. Venezuela’s president orders creation of new state and map including land from Guyana

    By Osmary Hernández, Fernando Almánzar and Mia Alberti, CNN Venezuela’s president ordered the creation of a new state called “Guayana Esequiba” on Tuesday, following a controversial Sunday referendum which saw Venezuelan voters approving the annexation of land from neighboring Guy