1. Taylor Swift's Record-Breaking Edinburgh Concerts Trigger Seismic Activity, Estimated $98M Boost To British Economy Expected

    By Benzinga Neuro Taylor Swift ‘s recent concerts in Scotland have not only set new records but also caused seismic activity, with the overall economic impact expected to be equally momentous. What Happened : Swift’s three sold-out shows in Edinburgh, Scotland, caused earthquake read
  2. Ray Dalio Jokingly Says If Taylor Swift Ran For President, He'd 'Consider Supporting Her'

    By Surbhi Jain Billionaire investor Ray Dalio has jokingly suggested that pop superstar Taylor Swift could be a unifying force for the U.S. Although made partly in jest, Dalio’s comments about Swift running for president reflect a serious recognition of the need for a leader capab
  3. Is Taylor Swift going to be Dazzler in the MCU?

    By Sinead Butler The latest Taylor Swift rumours suggest the pop star could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have speculated that the 'Fortnight' singer may potentially appear as Dazzler, a mutant who can convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams - and simi
  4. “I hope my students will exchange friendship bracelets”: This professor is bringing a Taylor Swift course to Queen’s law school

    By Toronto Life Taylor Swift is famous for her lovelorn pop songs—like those on her brand new record-smashing album, The Tortured Poets Department— but the global superstar has left her mark on more than just the charts. A new course at Queen’s University this fall will look at Swi
  5. Mom responds to parents who ‘don’t believe’ in her son’s Taylor Swift birthday party

    By Christina Marfice When her young son wanted a Taylor Swift birthday party (because who wouldn’t want a Taylor Swift birthday party), one mom had the perfect response to a couple of haters. Mom Jolene Dolo went viral on TikTok for sharing her response when the parents of one of t
  6. Joe Alwyn is Reportedly Making Bank Off His Taylor Swift Songwriting Credits

    By Jane LaCroix Taylor Swift collaborated with her former boyfriend Joe Alwyn on several songs across multiple albums, ensuring he'll continue to profit from the songwriting credits for years to come. Their collab included tracks from Swift's albums Folklore and Evermore, such as "
  7. Very clever -- to celebrate THE ERAS TOUR streaming premiere tonight, Disney+ themed all its rails to Taylor Swift albums 🙂 #TaylorSwift #Disney #ErasTour #streaming #TV
  8. 'Was that necessary on live TV?': Taylor Swift dubbed 'bad role model' as she chugs beer at Super Bowl LVIII Halftime

    By Anamika Bharti LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Taylor Swift was seen having a great time at Super Bowl LVIII , enthusiastically cheering on her boyfriend Travis Kelce and his team the Kansas City Chiefs , who went on to win the game. The singer was also caught on the Jumbotron chugging beer,