1. Luxury Automakers Weigh Rollout of Battery-electrics Versus Hybrids

    By Jake Lingeman It's been a big spring for super luxury automakers and electrification. Lamborghini revealed its first hybrid in the Urus SE while Mercedes-Benz added a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) propulsion system to one of its most iconic nameplates in the rugged G-Class . Tha
  2. Mum thought kids were picking up seashells on beach before she ended up with £69k fine

    By Charlie Jones A mum from California was left gobsmacked after a family beach trip ended with an $88,000 (£69,000) fine for protected clams that her children had innocently collected. Charlotte Russ, hailing from Fresno, was supposed to be enjoying a quiet trip to Pismo Beach at
  3. Promising pipelines and fracking, Trump rakes in millions at Texas fundraisers

    By: Arathy Somasekhar HOUSTON (Reuters) -Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump raised tens of millions of dollars during a fundraising swing through Texas this week, promising he would support the oil and gas industry by backing new pipelines and restoring fracking on fed
  4. Bugatti boss ignores plans to move away from making petrol cars despite threat of massive fines

    By Hemma Visavadia Car brand Bugatti has refuted plans to switch its fleet to electric as petrol and diesel cars are phased out across the UK. A top executive at the luxury carmaker said the brand would continue to build petrol cars irrespective of the harsh fines the brand could r
  5. Glasgow taxi operators seek last-minute reprieve from LEZ regulations or lose 350 black cabs

    By Perry Richardson - TaxiPoint Glasgow Taxis, representing the city's cab operators, has urgently approached Glasgow City Council, requesting a delay in the enforcement of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) rules to prevent the loss of approximately 350 taxis by 1 June 2024. In a critica
  6. The Shady Nonprofit Trying to Ruin the USA's Democracy

    1. #Project2025 2. #ConservativeAgenda 3. #DemocracyDangers 4. #EconomicInequality 5. #SocialCohesion 6. #EqualityandInclusivity 7. #GovernmentInstitutions 8. #EnvironmentalRegulations 9. #ClimateChangeConcerns 10. #BalancingIdeology 11. #DemocraticValues 12. #America2025 13. #InstitutionalI
  7. "Project 2025": The Conservative Agenda and its Threat to Democracy

    In the world of politics, every movement, ideology, or party has its own vision for the future. For conservatives, "Project 2025" has emerged as a prominent initiative that outlines a vision for their ideal America. While proponents of this project argue that it seeks to strength