1. Carbon Offsets: Their Definition And Role In Fighting Climate Change

    Carbon Offsets: Their Definition And Role In Fighting Climate Change Whether you’re a traveler taking a long-distance trip or the owner of a large company, carbon offsets are a great way to make a contribution to environmental protection. In fact, you’re making up for environmenta
  2. Aldi changes packaging on a household cleaning product in all UK stores to cut back on waste

    By Sarra Gray Aldi has introduced the latest change to its products as it cuts back on waste across stores. It will now use 100 per cent recycled plastic in some of its own-brand washing up liquid bottles. Shoppers will find the change in Aldi's standard Magnum washing-up liquid and
  3. Halifax charges ahead with added EV support

    By Zack Metcalfe Which came (or should come) first: the chicken or the egg? Electric vehicles and charging stations present much the same conundrum. As the various municipalities throughout Nova Scotia scramble to electrify their fleets, they’ve been confronted with the Achilles h
  4. Fleet of 'London's toxic air' vehicles arrives in Ukraine after Sadiq Khan's Ulez scrappage scheme update

    By Hemma Visavadia A fleet of non-Ulez compliant vehicles has arrived in Ukraine after being donated by Britons in the latest scrappage scheme change. The scheme, which is funded by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, offers drivers money in exchange for donating their non-Ulez-compliant vehi
  5. Vehicles donated by Londoners via Ulez scrappage scheme arrive in Ukraine

    By Ross Lydall Londoners have donated more than 100 vehicles that would have been scrapped because of the Ulez to Ukraine. More than half have already arrived in the war-ravaged country, including a convoy of 20 vehicles over the weekend. A further 13 are due to arrive by the end o