1. See full list as Abuja Disco announces plans to disconnect power to Aso Rock, 85 others

    By Dave Ibemere The AEDC issues a disconnection notice to the Presidential Villa and 85 other government agencies This action is a result of unpaid electricity bills, as these entities owe substantial amounts to the AEDC The MDAs affected include the presidential villa, the Central
  2. Researcher: With a cruel summer ahead, why is Australia so unprepared?

    By Susan Harris Rimmer 2023 has shattered climate records, accompanied by extreme weather that has left a trail of devastation and despair, according to the World Meteorological Organization at COP 28. Some of the most significant extreme heat events were in southern Europe and No
  3. 'I tried a £25 plug-in heater after Martin Lewis' advice - and couldn't believe how well it worked'

    By Zahna Eklund & Paige Freshwater The end of October has brought lashings of rain and windy conditions to many parts of the UK, and many of us will no doubt be considering putting our heating on to keep us warm and cosy while the weather outside is so dreadful. But with energy co
  4. Hey Illinois

    In Illinois you can get money off your electric bill if you sign up for a solar farm via Arcadia. Granted, it's not a lot of money, but it promotes solar use, so win win. #Illinois #energy