1. Echoes of Perception

    Everything before and after this moment in time exists within a single point that can be expanded and explored once we let go of the mental limitation of linearity. Have you ever felt the echoes of history at archeological ruins or battlefield sites? We perceive more when we are
  2. #poetry

    I remain a full moon pirate stealing the treasure of another midnight fantasy the fires of passions shared only within the echoes of a dream but if you awaken calling my name you'll find the echoes of my being lingering along the threshold of your dreams the edges of our forever
  3. #poety

    we listened to the echoes in the mist as the whispers of dreams linger in our hearts and the promise of a thousand tomorrows sings gently to the essence of our being we listened to the the songs of creation as all the we hope to be weighs as lightly as stardust in the hollows of our souls we li
  4. #poetry

    you can hear them every night the screaming the gunshots their silhouettes moving about the rooms but the house had been empty for years now with only the echoes of yesterday replaying their death scene with every tear
  5. #poetry

    words they are the tools the trade the poet said but me I disagree what good are words is they don't touch the heart they are just the echoes of a 1000 broken souls
  6. #poetry

    it was in the shadows of the soul that I would rediscover myself the child within the dreams that danced away from my reach the echoes of a 1000 truths whispering in my ear it was in the shadows of the soul that I would discover I was never alone