1. Jesse Lee Calhoun: Potential 'serial killer' charged with murder in 2023 deaths of three Oregon women

    By Shanmugapriya Murugesan PORTLAND, OREGON: The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office noted Jesse Lee Calhoun has been charged for the deaths of three Portland area women. A grand jury handed down the indictment on Thursday, May 16, accusing the 39-year-old of three counts o
  2. For me, it was my father’s mother. She was orphaned at 11 and went to work as a farm hand, dropped out of 6th grade to support herself. She was a small person, barely five feet tall, but strong and hard working. She was on her own in Eastern Oregon, it was 1910. She got around ei
  3. 4.9 magnitude earthquake rattles Idaho, with no reported injuries

    A 4.9 magnitude earthquake hit north of Boise, Idaho, with two smaller earthquakes following. There were no major damages or injuries reported. The largest quake since 2020, it was felt by over 1,600 people in Idaho and eastern Oregon. Aftershocks are expected, but there have bee
  4. Road Trip: Eastern Oregon, miles from nowhere on the 395.
  5. Eastern Oregon counties see jump in mosquitoes with West Nile virus, Aug. 14 - Coos Bay Events Calendar News North Bend Bandon Coquille #Oregon #EasternOregon #WestNileVirus #Mosquito #Health #Virus