1. And lastly, this one. #Art #Painting #MixedMedia #DutchPour
  2. And this one. I like the colors. #Art #Painting #mockup #DutchPour
  3. This is another possibility. I don't hate it, but again it was a tad bit too small for the canvas, such as it is. I don't want that black bit in the bottom middle. #Art #Mockup #MixedMedia #DutchPour #Galaxy
  4. Having tried printing and cutting the snowy night foreground, I just don't think those trees work. So I'm playing with other potential foregrounds. Here's Yosemite with the Half Dome. #Art #Galaxy @Mockup #MixedMedia #DutchPour
  5. Well . . . at least the colors mesh well in this overlay with the Swiss Alps. #Painting #DutchPour #Acrylics #Mockup #MixedMedia #nightsky
  6. Still haven't been doing much art lately. Definitely in a bit of a slump. I've tried four pours and not liked any of them, really. This is the only one I even kind of liked. It reminded me of the lovely one I used with the Delicate Arch in Utah, so I used it again. Not quite righ
  7. Been so busy with unfun stuff and being broke that I have had zero drive and creativity. All the same, I pushed myself to try to create a painting for my aunt this weekend and did two. As a gift for my aunt, both pours are failures, not her colors at all. But I might be able to m
  8. Still in the midst of dental stuff; hopefully the last appointment will be Thursday. Tried another sunset pour. Probably be my last for awhile; I'm running out of paint! I can't buy more until I'm done paying for all this dental stuff. Anyway, here's the sunset pour. It was a sal
  9. Sunset Flip Cup Mockup

    The is the sunset flip cup pour mockup I liked so much! I may add some cloudiness near the horizon, but it's sooooooo much better than the last one I was so frustrated with. #Art #Painting #DutchPour #MixedMedia #Sunset