1. Google Bard is now Google Gemini

    Say goodbye to Google Bard , and say hello to Google Gemini. On Thursday, Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the company will be rebranding its AI model Bard as Gemini. The company launched Gemini late last year, calling it its "largest and most capable AI model," and
  2. Google Bard now has an AI image generator — how it plans to avoid another Taylor Swift deepfake fiasco

    You can now generate images with Bard, Google's AI chatbot. Today, the company announced Bard's new text-to-image capability that's powered by Imagen 2, Google's latest diffusion model. With this release, Google also shared that any image created with Imagen 2 — on Bard or Google'
  3. Google Cloud Rolls Out Duet AI Tools for Developers and Security Teams

    By Richard Banfield Google Cloud has announced the general availability of two new offerings leveraging its Duet AI technology - Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations . Duet AI provides AI-powered assistants to boost productivity across applications. Key Features
  4. AI has been quietly enhancing your work life for years

    While it feels like everyone is calling 2023 the year of AI — and it's often depicted as a harbinger of dramatic changes — the reality is that AI has been around for years, providing subtle-yet-significant enhancements to tools and services you use every day for work. From the em
  5. ما هي أبرز إعلانات مؤتمر المطورين السنوي لغوغل، الذي انطلق الأربعاء 10 مايو في مقر شركة ‫#ألفابيت‬ حيث طغى على الحدث ابتكارات ‫#الذكاء_الاصطناعي‬ و كان نجم المؤتمر ‪ #PixelFold ‬ أول هاتف ‫#ذكي‬ قابل للطي من ‫#غوغل‬. مع تحيات ‫#نايلةالصليبي‬
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