1. PS5 DualSense: 3 new features coming to your controller, including better audio

    Your PS5 controller is about to get a little bit better. Sony updated the PlayStation Blog on Tuesday with a post about the newest beta update, which is only available for select, invited users. However, the post clarified that update will roll out globally in the near future. 3 ne
  2. Microsoft leaked its own plans for an Xbox Series X refresh confirms FTC

    By Shabana Arif & Aaron Potter The FTC has confirmed it's not the culprit behind the leaked documents revealing a new Xbox Series X|S among other plans for hardware and speculative acquisitions. The Microsoft Activision deal truly is the news gift that keeps on giving; despite Micr
  3. The Leaked Quest 3 Headset Video Teases Meta’s VR Ambitions

    Plus: Apple changes its mind about right-to-repair legislation, Sony shows off a new portable PlayStation device, and what happens when police go after kids for schoolyard offenses. By Boone Ashworth It’s the unboxing video heard around the metaverse. There’s a fresh leak of Meta’s