1. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Chairman Bernie Sanders announced Friday that two pharmaceutical company CEOs will testify before the committee on Feb. 8, 2024 rather than face a subpoena. #Photography #Photographs #Pictures #Photos #PhotoJournalism #PhotoJournalismP
  2. Merck, Johnson & Johnson CEOs agree to appear before Senate HELPĀ 

    Merck, Johnson & Johnson CEOs agree to appear before Senate HELP #Politics #USPolitics #Senate #SenateHELPCommittee #Merck #JohnsonAndJohnson #Pharmaceutical #DrugCompanies
  3. Biden is going after #BigPharma

    This is a big deal. Biden is hitting hard against #BigPharma which is screwing Americans left and right. We pay more for drugs than basically any other nation. Like 2.5x more. Give a listen. This matters. Pay attention to what the administration is doing because media is not coverin
  4. 25 years ago I wrote a script broadly based on this very concept that was rejected because they said the public wouldn't accept that drug companies were evil. Think maybe I should take it out, polish and update it and try again. Pretty sure audiences would now believe drug compani
  5. Big news here from @kylegriffin1 : #KyleGriffin #DrugCompanies
  6. What is the penalty for drug dealing in the US?

    Depends: The poor sod and pod street dealer: For many Schedule I and II controlled substances, the first trafficking offense is punishable by at least 5 years in prison. If someone was seriously injured in the process, the minimum sentence is moved to 20 years. Fines for a first in