1. J.D. Vance Gets Hilariously Exposed for Hypocrisy After Protest Rant

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Ohio Senator J.D. Vance believes that people should follow the law—except when it’s convenient to his personal political cause. In a testy exchange with CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins Wednesday night, Vance got caught up in his own loose definitions, reveal
  2. Africa: A Chance for Africa to Counter the Pitfalls of International Criminal Justice?

    By Melissa Hendrickse / AI London [AI London] Since its inception, the project of international criminal justice has been marked by a striking indifference to the long historical record of atrocities perpetrated by the Western world against people of the Global South, and Africa i
  3. I want the "Double Standard" that Defendant Trump enjoys.

    Trump is increasingly desperate. His choice to continue violating the Gag Order on a daily basis, even on breaks from the trial itself, reflects his obvious hopes that Merchan will have him arrested so he can use his self-created incarceration as a fake political cudgel by once a
  4. White Privilege "Rules".....

    And what's going to be done about this? Nothing!!! #WhitePrivilege #corruptcourts #spineless #doublestandards #politics #USpoliticalNews #legaldoublestandards #legal
  5. heres the double standard trump says there is he is not arrested for threatening the president yet this guy is setting in jail for threatening to kill the chief justice and how many judges and witnesses has trump also threatened ?? total double standard or trump would be waiting
  6. The Trump Double Standard: He’s the Least Persecuted Pol in America

    By Michael Tomasky You may have noticed over the weekend that Donald Trump posted to social media a video of a MAGA pickup truck barreling down what looked to be the Southern State Parkway in Long Island (google Howells Road, exit 41). The truck was tricked out in fascist regalia,
  7. Please let there be driven, thorough follow-up and justice for them and their families🥀🥀🕯🕯 #JusticeForNikkiCoats #JusticeForMaleesaMooney #MissingAndMurderedBlackWomen #DoubleStandards #Misogynoir #LosAngeles
  8. "Do you know how many times I've taken both of my kids to the grocery store to literally everywhere? A million." #TikTok #DoubleStandards #parenting #doubleStandard
  9. Trump staffer openly flouts law

    This not only is against the law, Ivanka did it after Kellyanne Conway was reprimanded (not fined or jailed) for the same thing #DoubleStandards