1. Polish protesters will let two trucks per hour pass through Uhryniw checkpoint

    By Economichna Pravda Polish farmers protesting at five checkpoints at the Ukrainian-Polish border have agreed to let two trucks per hour pass from 13:00 to 21:00 through the Uhryniw checkpoint. Source: Andrii Demchenko , spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, in
  2. Ukrainian consul on his way to Dorohusk checkpoint amid reports of buses being blocked

    By European Pravda, Ukrainska Pravda The Ukrainian consul in Lublin is heading to the Yahodyn-Dorohusk border crossing point following reports of protesters stopping passenger buses there. Source: Vasyl Zvarych , Ukraine’s Ambassador to Poland Details: "Following emerging information
  3. Polish farmers block railway at Medyka border crossing and spill grain from hopper car – photo, video

    By European Pravda, Ukrainska Pravda Polish farmers blocked the railway near the Shehyni-Medyka checkpoint and spilled some grain out of a freight train wagon on the morning of 20 February. Source : Suspilne correspondent, as reported by European Pravda Details : Suspilne published ph
  4. Polish Prosecutor's Office starts investigating incident with spilled Ukrainian grain

    By European Pravda The Chelm District Prosecutor’s Office of Poland has started an investigation into the incident with the spilling of grain carried by Ukrainian lorries near the Dorohusk checkpoint on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Source: TVN24 , European Pravda Details: The investi
  5. Polish hauliers will continue border blockade for Christmas

    By Ukrainska Pravda Polish hauliers at the Dorohusk checkpoint have said they will block the border with Ukraine on Christmas Day as well and will allow only one commercial lorry to cross the border every three hours instead of three per hour. Source: Reuters , citing Edyta Ozygała,