1. Trump lawyers response to DOJ's Motion Of Protective Order is twenty-nine pages of gobbledygook. #DOJTrumpIndictment #TumpResponse TrumpOrder - DocumentCloud
  2. Holy Crappoly! Nothing like hamstringing your legal counsel at the 11th hour. Isn't this the 10th "Truth" attacking Jack Smith that Trump has put this afternoon? #TrumpDump #DOJTrumpIndictment
  3. Good morning! This. #DOJTrumpIndictment #JackSmithDOJ
  4. Yep. #DOJTrumpIndictment
  5. Breaking News!

    The DSM-5-TR : Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders now lists a new psychological disorder called Trumpitis. One of the symptoms is an inability to keep your mouth shut and/or stay off social media but instead feverishly, and repeatedly, attack the Special Prosecu