1. Spring Forward

    TFH Guru David Zeiger supplies our second BRAND-NEW trailer commentary of the week, for Tom Gilroy’s directorial debut, the odd couple tale Spring Forward, starring Ned Beatty and Liev Schreiber. David believes this one could even be Ned Beatty’s best-ever performance, which is h
  2. Brittany Snow's directorial debut shows us to let go of our 'Parachute'

    "Parachute," Brittany Snow's personal new movie with Courtney Eaton and Thomas Mann about mental illness and love, gives viewers permission to feel. By Nicole Fallert, USA TODAY Brittany Snow's directorial debut "Parachute" is a film about love, but the audience never sees the mome
  3. 'Babes' trailer is a look at the next great female friendship comedy

    As Mashable's Kristy Puchko points out , Babes , a forthcoming film by Better Things ' Pamela Adlon , is helmed by "a trio of badass comediennes." Adlon, who makes her feature directorial debut, enlisted Survival of the Thickest 's Michelle Buteau and Broad City 's Ilana Glazer for her
  4. 'Monkey Man' review: Underestimate Dev Patel at your own peril after this action movie

    Dev Patel isn't your average Hollywood buttkicker or action-movie director. But he pulls off both with the gory yet thoughtful thriller "Monkey Man." By Brian Truitt, USA TODAY In his directorial debut “Monkey Man,” Dev Patel gifts action-movie fans with a multilayered, hyperviolen
  5. Monkey Man review: Dev Patel goes full John Wick in this gloriously OTT directorial debut

    By Hamish MacBain I’m not entirely sure why, but I always expect actors’ directorial debuts to be quiet, somewhat earnest, overly passion project-y. Dev Patel , though, quite clearly has other ideas. This is a full throttle action thriller, more like Taken taking John Wick on a week