1. The Audio Voice 448

    With a visit to Dutch & Dutch, Jan Didden unveils the journey of this innovative speaker manufacturer from The Netherlands. And Peter Larsen (Loudsoft) offers Part 1 of the FINE Circle Speaker Design Tutorial. #AlltheAudioNewsThatMatter #theaudiovoice #audioxpress #audioinnovation
  2. The Audio Voice 448

    :The Anniversary of USB Type-C, and the Future of USB Audio. As we approach 2024, we are also approaching a significant anniversary: the launch of the USB Type-C connector, also known as USB-C. Read and Share! #AlltheAudioNewsThatMatter #theaudiovoice #audioxpress #audioinnovatio
  3. The Audio Voice 448

    For CES 2024, we hope to see progress in the adoption of USB4 (specification updated in October 2022), and see USB Audio Class 4 being universally supported. After all, 2024 is the 10th Anniversary of USB Type-C! And #AlltheAudioNewsthatMatter #theaudiovoice #audioxpress #audioinno