1. 'Mums are shamed for giving kids screen time – but it's the only way to get stuff done'

    By Katie-Ann Gupwell A mum said she often gives her kids screen time as it enables her to get stuff done. Anneliese King is a content creator who works to help parents feel seen. The mother, who boasts over 409,000 followers on Instagram , posts about various parenting issues from d
  2. YouTube Shorts

    By Sarah Gallagher Trombley Sometimes I need to remind myself that digital parenting is a work in progress for me as much as anybody else. Just when I think I’ve got a problem sorted out, something else crops up. Right now, we are having a YouTube Shorts problem in our house. As man
  3. Exploring the AI frontier: colouring books

    Last week, I was talking about how I used gpt4 to get myself out of a colouring book pickle, but my (simplistic) solution, which kept my kids occupied, is already outdated with the release of GPTs: OpenAI has released a GPT that is pre-prompted to produce colouring book images. I
  4. Some Digital Parenting Perspective during Mental Health Awareness Week

    By Sarah Gallagher Trombley October 1-7 is mental health awareness week so you’re likely noticing more stories and messaging on this topic in the places were your consume content. I’ll be honest, I really struggled with what I wanted to write this week. On the one hand it seems pr