1. Accelerate access

    Digitization promised democratized learning, and (despite opposition) the trend is toward more open access. But is an ‘Alexandria in the cloud’ really an open sesame? "The Dream of a Universal Library" @RobertDarnton (Plus- Belle da Costa Greene) “I have always imagined that Para
  2. AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Perseus 6.0: Beyond Translation, a next generation Perseus Digital Library
  3. Internet Archive’s Digital Library of Amateur Radio & Communications has grown to more than 90,000 resources related to amateur radio, shortwave listening, amateur television, and related topics.
  4. This archive broadened access during the pandemic. Then publishers sued — and won

    Brewster Kahle’s Internet Archive is best known for its Wayback Machine, a kind of museum of the forgotten web. When the pandemic closed schools and libraries, the nonprofit vastly expanded how many people could borrow from its digital library – a move that sparked legal action b