1. “every passing day brings a fresh new reminder that the courts are not going to ride to our rescue. we need to vote in huge numbers, and we need to win — and we need to return the House to a Democratic majority, so that the Republicans can’t pull any of their we refuse to certify
  2. State of the Union

    “He has got to lay out a progressive agenda that speaks to the needs of working people, and promise if he has a Democratic majority in the House and Senate that he will implement that in the first few months of his term.” Bernie Sanders
  3. Trump's Niece Calls Republican Lawmaker 'Hamas' Favorite Senator,' Accuses Him of Undermining Biden During Israel-Hamas Conflict

    By Shanthi Rexaline Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump slammed Republicans for ruthlessly and publicly undermining the authority of Democratic presidents in a new substack post. What Happened: Following trikes against Israel by Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas , Republicans bla
  4. For any who live in these swing districts with these Representatives, you have a vital role to play. Keep applying MAXIMUM pressure on these Republicans. The more you apply, the more of a counter-balance there is to the lunatic Right Republicans like the Representative for our di