1. A method to mitigate hallucinations in large language models

    By Tech Xplore A method to mitigate hallucinations in large language models Editors' notes This article has been reviewed according to Science X's editorial process and policies . Editors have highlighted the following attributes while ensuring the content's credibility: fact-checked
  2. OpenAI’s Long-Term AI Risk Team Has Disbanded

    The entire OpenAI team focused on the existential dangers of AI has either resigned or been absorbed into other research groups, WIRED has confirmed. By Will Knight In July last year, OpenAI announced the formation of a new research team that would prepare for the advent of supersm
  3. Project Astra Is Google's ‘Multimodal’ Answer to the New ChatGPT

    Google’s new voice-operated AI assistant, called Project Astra, can make sense of what your phone’s camera sees. It was announced one day after OpenAI revealed a similar vision for ChatGPT. By Will Knight ChatGPT is not yet two years old, but the idea of communicating with artifici
  4. Meta to expand AI image generation offerings for ads

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, said on Tuesday it was expanding its suite of generative AI ads products to offer tools that can automatically create variations of images and overlay text atop them. The tool will launch in test fo
  5. Microsoft making its own artificial intelligence to take on OpenAI and Google

    By Andrew Williams Microsoft is working on its own AI large-language-model technology, called MAI-1, that could rival the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT . According to a report from The Information , MAI-1 consists of 500 billion parameters. This places somewhere between Open
  6. Google's DeepMind Co-Founder Mustafa Suleyman, Shares His Exciting First Month At Microsoft: 'Truly Transformational'

    In a recent series of posts on X, Mustafa Suleyman , the co-founder of Alphabet Inc ‘s (NASDAQ: GOOG ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL ) Google DeepMind AI lab, shared his initial experiences at Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ: MSFT ). Suleyman, who was previously the CEO of Inflection AI , was poached by Microsof
  7. A 2019 email from Microsoft’s CTO to CEO Satya Nadella and Bill Gates shows how spooked the company was by AI rivals Google and OpenAI

    By Paolo Confino In 2019, Microsoft executives at the highest level had an anxious email exchange about AI that would ultimately kick-start its AI investment . Back then, chief technology officer Kevin Scott sent a four-page email to CEO Satya Nadella and cofounder Bill Gates with t
  8. Google consolidates its DeepMind and Research teams amid AI push

    (Reuters) - Alphabet-owned Google said on Thursday it would consolidate teams that focus on building artificial intelligence models across its Research and DeepMind divisions in its latest push to develop its AI portfolio. Google will relocate its Responsible AI teams - which foc
  9. Forget Chatbots. AI Agents Are the Future

    Startups and tech giants are trying to move from chatbots that offer help via text, to AI agents that can get stuff done. Recent demos include an AI coder called Devin and agents that play videogames. This week a startup called Cognition AI caused a bit of a stir by releasing a de