1. It's Memorial Day | May 27th, 2024

    Memorial Day honors men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military. It began in the years following the Civil War, a war in which more soldiers sacrificed their lives than in any previous conflict. After the war ended in 1865, the first national cemeteries were es
  2. Did you know there was a time Remembrance Day & Thanksgiving shared a holiday. This is the story of Remembrance Day. Well before there was ever an Armistice Day, there was Decoration Day. Held on the weekend closest to June 2 it honoured the Battle of Ridgeway Fought on June 2, 18
  3. Today is #DecorationDay in Canada. The day was created on June 2, 1890 as a protest for veterans of the Battle of Ridgeway during the Fenian Raids of the 1860s. By 1892, it was an annual event to recognize Canada's veterans. The day has mostly been eclipsed by Remembrance Day.
  4. The True Origin of Memorial Day

    On this day when we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, we publish an article in Issue #331 about the true beginnings and current commemorations for Memorial Day. The article is free to read for 7 days after publication. Click (or copy/paste) the link to read. Please cons