1. Choosing crypto tokens to invest in can be challenging given the volatility and complexity of the market Here are some general categories and specific tokens that are often considered: Blue-Chip Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) - The original cryptocurrency and a staple in any crypto
  2. Game-Changing Innovations In The Metaverse: Insights from Decentraland's Marketing Chief

    By Abbey Higginbotham One of the most anticipated speakers at Benzinga’s 2024 Future of Digital Assets event is Kim Currier , head of marketing and partnerships at the Decentraland Foundation . Through her leadership at Decentraland, a pioneering platform in the Metaverse, Currier ha
  3. Was the Viral Metaverse Rave Fun? An Investigation #Tech #Technology #Metaverse #Decentraland
  4. SEC's Crackdown On Crypto Staking Forces Bitstamp To End Service For US Clients

    By Murtuza Merchant Bitstamp , a leading cryptocurrency exchange , has announced the termination of its ether staking program for American clients starting next month. Bobby Zagotta , the U.S. CEO and global chief commercial officer of Bitstamp said, "Starting September 25, 2023, Bits
  5. Meanwhile, Back in the Metaverse... #HorizonWorlds , #Meta , #Metaverse , #Decentraland