1. 'It's Possible Here Too:' RFK Jr Lauds Argentina's Milei For Ushering In Budget Surplus, Says He Would 'Drain The Swamp' And Fire US Bureaucrats For Racking Up $34 Trillion Of Debt

    By Shanthi Rexaline Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is contesting the 2024 presidential election as an independent, has a panacea for the fiscal woes of the country. On Sunday, the presidential candidate proposed that the U.S. take a leaf out of Argentina’s playbook that has brought th
  2. I would put it this way for Rep. Brandon Williams. Your collective disfunction in the House caused the govt. shutdown. So if anyone deserves to not get paid, look in the mirror. You and your whack-job compatriots did it for hits on Fox "News". Don't expect "a huge amount of s
  3. When Political Antics Cross the Line: The Case Against Marjorie Taylor Greene's Destructive Agenda

    Can't imagine how💯 ignorant you must be to even suggest these, Marjorie? Your antics with the debt ceiling are no joke. They've already led to a credit rating downgrade for our country, potentially costing current and future generations hundreds of billions. Now you're risking an
  4. Story of America's Economy Told Through Yellen's Life

    This week at HbN: How would she feel about debt default? How does she feel about high #inflation ? This is the story of an economist who has been at the decision-making center of our economy for almost three decades now. Podcast: #DebtCeilingCrisis #economics #janetyellen #Nation
  5. White House and House Republicans strike agreement in principle to raise debt ceiling, sources say.

    #DebtCeilingCrisis McCarthy maintained he’d be able to get the majority of House Republicans on board, telling CNN, “I don’t think I’ll have any problem with that.” The White House and House Republicans have an agreement in principle on a deal to raise the debt ceiling and cap spen