1. Inside Trump’s deeply weird ‘obsession’ with Debra Messing — and her ‘beautiful red hair’

    By Martha McHardy Taylor Swift isn’t the only “beautiful” celebrity Donald Trump has openly gushed about . According to a new book, the former president admitted to having a crush on actor Debra Messing — praising her “beautiful red hair” — and is still annoyed by her very public re
  2. Who invested in Bunny Eyez? Barbara Corcoran questions product's future in retail as it appears on 'Shark Tank' Season 15

    By Aritri Paul LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Bunny Eyez may appear to be your average pair of reading glasses at first sight, but there's more to this than meets the eye. Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz created these glasses with temples that can be flipped and tilted to your heart's delight
  3. Pick A Favorite ‘Will & Grace’ Episode? It’s Easy For Debra Messing

    Sure, there are a lot of "Will & Grace" episodes, but it's really, really easy for Debra Messing to name her favorite one. #DebraMessing #WillAndGrace #TV #TVNews #television #televisionnews #entertainment #entertainmentnews #celebrity #celebritynews
  4. Eric McCormack Thought ‘Will & Grace’ Was A Hit Instantly

    Eric McCormack has teamed up with Sean Hayes for a podcast dissecting every episode of "Will & Grace," a show he knew would be a hit from the moment they wrapped the pilot. #EricMcCormack #SeanHayes #DebraMessing #WillandGrace #TV #TVnews #entertainment #EntertainmentNews #televis