1. Deadmount Deathplay news

    Magazine: Young Gangan 2023 No.20 ad page for #DeadmountDeathplay 2nd cool of anime Deadmount Deathplay novel, that coming out soon Deadmount Deathplay 2nd cool came out on October 9th opening theme "Scrap Art" by Inori Minase ending theme : "Hope" by Yuuma Uchida
  2. Gangan garden café

    ヤングガンガン 2023 No.01-11 / young gangan June issue Cover / gravure: 天羽希純 From #2i2 Center side: 月なぎさFrom #よーよーよー Goblin Slayer Outer Co.: Year One Dead mount Death play : Exterior Monster Solitaire Godshen False 恐竜ちゃんと化石くん by ROKUMOTO Jun (Kyouryuu-chan to Kaseki-kun) not much news is happ
  3. Gangan garden Café

    ヤングガンガン 2023 No.01-10 young Gangan magazine information: Cover / gravure : 十味 From #2i2 Center side: 水瀬いのり 奥ゆい From #2i2 先生のこと、くすぐってあげる (I'll tickle my teacher) by 星河だんぱ (HOSHIKAWA Danpa) 裏でやんちゃな剛院田さん by 加我皓平 ( KAGA Kouhei) news: serie volume on sale: 育成スキルはもういらないと勇者パーティを解雇されたので、退職金がわり
  4. gangan anime info:

    デッドマウント・デスプレイ ( Dead mount Death play) Story : Ryohgo Narita Art : Shinta Fujimoto Anime: anime OP/ED : Opening Theme : "Nero" (ネロ) by Sou Ending Theme: "Iolite" (アイオライト) by Inori Minase Animation Production : Geek Toys Sound Production : HALF H·P STUDIO Director : Manabu Ono Series Compo