1. "The analytics company does not track users who visit the social network through the web, nor those who use desktop apps, and relies on a number of sources to maintain an accurate panel of users to sample." In my limited knowledge, it seems that it's usage of the app using accoun
  2. UK Robot Becomes First AI Vice Principal at a Boarding School In an unprecedented move, a boarding school in the UK has appointed an AI robot as its vice principal. As reported by trusted news source Trstdly , Cottesmore School is breaking new ground by bringing artificial intellig
  3. Eos - Education Lies Beneath the Clouds of Earth Observation

    “Cloud-based Earth Observation offers unique opportunities for education, but leveraging this requires new teaching methods that emphasize technical fundamentals, ethics, and stakeholder engagement…” Remote sensing with satellites, or Earth Observation (EO), is becoming more and m